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    Vets El Drago
    El Drago Veterinary Clinic, has the best human team and the most advanced technical means in the veterinarian sector. Come and discover it by yourself, you won´t be dissapointed.
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    Proven Experience
    Comprehensive Veterinary Services for the care of your pets
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    The Best
    We have modern veterinary consultations, radiology and ultrasound room, operating room and hospitalization room.
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    Vets El Drago
    Enjoy the best veterinary services of the Tenerife´s Island


In our Veterinary Clinic of El Drago we have a complete operating room, hospitalization area, a wide reception, veterinary consultation and the most advanced equipment in radiology, ecography, anesthesia, analytics and surgery.

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We have the best veterinary professionals on the island. Our team carries out a constant work of investigation to offer you the last advances of the sector, in order to solve the pathologies and illnesses that affect your pets.

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The services of home care and hospitalization and the high quality of our technical and human equipment, make our veterinary center an essential reference to ensure the health and welfare of our pets.

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ElDrago Veterinary Clinic

ElDrago Veterinarians

Our veterinary consulting rooms are at the forefront in the use of the most advanced technological resources for the care, diagnosis and treatment of your pets and animal companion.

We will take care of finding out the cause and knowing the nature of your pet's illness, giving it treatment, either medical or surgical. For this we have experience and a diagnostic equipment that will bring us closer to this premise.

We want to provide a medical service (both diagnostic and therapeutic) appropriate and individualized to each patient-client.

Through the technological development and continuing education of the veterinarian, we will be able to offer you more innovating solutions and beneficial for the health of your pets.

Enjoy the best veterinary services on the island of Tenerife. What are you waiting to visit us? C/ El Ramal, Nº9. Tegueste, Tenerife.

We want to guarantee the animal welfare, offering you an advanced and qualified veterinary services in order to prevent, detect and treat the diseases of pets, through personal and professional treatment, satisfying all the needs of our customers and patients, aspiring at all times to professional excellence.

OBJECTIVES: 1) Sensitize the population about the needs of their pets. 2) Advise you regarding the health of your pets. 3) Always maintain a professional ethic to achieve these objectives.

Clinic Premises

Full Advice
Personalized Treatment
Wide Variety of Services
Modern Facilities
At the forefront of New Technologies